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    Handicrafts Made in Bali

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    Bali Furniture Handicrafts Supplier

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    Bali Handicrafts Wholesale

Bali Furniture

Furniture and Handicrafts

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Sourcing Buying Agent

Sourcing Buying Agent

Bali with its rich colorful culture and tradition has numerous of talented craftsmen, produces a wide range of product such as Furniture, Handicrafts, Accessories, etc, are spread all over the island. Finding these products are not easy, how ever there are certain areas that are known for certain product....


Cargo Shipping Company

Cargo Shipping Company

The company was formed to facilitate the export from Bali of locally made Handicrafts, Furniture and Pottery. We complete all necessary documentation and expedite your goods for fast transit times. Because we have been shipping Bali handicrafts & furniture for over 10 years...



Ways to ship your order from Bali :

1. FCL ;( Full Container Load )
~ All containers are steel dry container with wooden flooring.
Sizes :
a. 20ft Dry Container, load capacities about 30 CBM
b. 40ft Dry Container, load capacities about 60 CBM
c. 40ft High Cube Container, load capacities about 73 CBM

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2. LCL ( Less than Container Load )
~ Shipment are packed and crated in units, which are manageable by hand or by the forklift truck. These crated goods are then consolidated in a container along with others and shipped to Singapore, where they can be re consolidated to a final destination and loaded into the container join with other origin shipment intended for the same final destination.This means that the items load are containerized throughout their journey. This provides almost the same benefits as shipment by FCL. Due to additional handling the transit time of LCL shipments may up to two weeks longer than by FCL.

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3. Air Cargo
~ Air Freight is the fastest way to ship over your goods, but also the most expensive one. This way is mostly used to send smaller goods or personal items. It is normally charge by weight as well as volume metric.

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4. EMS Regular
~ EMS REGULAR SEA FREIGHT is an affordable shipping method to ship over your smaller items, operates its service network worldwide. Shipment are custom packed in a box sizes Small, Medium or Jumbo box, which are manageable by hands. The cost of EMS Regular Shipping is counted based on Weight either by Volume .

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5. Shipping Insurance , is always recommended. The cost is from the total value of the cargo.

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